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Testimonials from Stress-Relief Clinics
100% of participants said they would recommend our clinic to others (based on anonymous exit survey).
100% of participants said they would come again (based on anonymous exit survey).
 "Thank you for allowing me to take the opportunity to participate in the acupuncture.  My brother is an officer deployed in Afghanistan.  Needless to say, I have not had a restful night sleep since he left. The stress and/or anxiety had increased once I recently found out his base had been attacked for ten straight nights in a row.
I was able to have a restful sleep both Saturday and Sunday nights.  In addition,  I awoke yesterday morning and this morning without the alarm clock.  I did not feel tired nor did I desire to go back to bed as I have been feeling even with a full nights sleep up until now.  I am not sure how long this will last, however I am very grateful and appreciative."
 --  Daphne
"I am active duty and currently injured.  I have been in extreme pain and have been finding it increasingly difficult to sleep and even be comfortable whenever I am able to TRY to relax.  Sitting, lying down, walking, standing and pretty much any position causes sharp pain. 
After the one free acupuncture session, I was able to get a full nights rest, my concentration was better, I awoke early, happy, was able to spend time with my children without the intense almost constant pain from my injury.  I am unable to function with the pain meds and the ones that are supposed to help with my condition, just cause nausea, then vomiting, intense headaches, where even crackers and water won't stay down.  Also, I turned pale then green after having taken meds and the mental clarity was almost nonexistent.  It was such a relief to just function without any negative side effects." -- Juana
“Megan and Daniel have wonderfully sensitive touch.  Their gentleness is reassuring.”
"the acupuncture relieved a lot of muscle tension (stress for me today)"
“Very effective, staff are very kind, caring and positive and have calm disposition”
“Once again, it was a bit of peacefulness in the midst of a hectic life.  Everyone needs to try one of these sessions.”
"felt very beneficial.  Always a pleasure to be with Maiyah.  Daniel has a great touch -- sensitive and understanding."
"thank you for your generous service to our community"
frequency—resiliency—more and more; this is a great intro"  
"just keep being friendly, professional, conversational; very good thing you have going here"
"you are all awesome!!”
“Why is this only once a month?”
"This is a great thing you have going here . . . I'll tell everyone I know"
“My husband is currently IA and I am on a ship getting ready to deploy.  . . this [the clinic] was a great opportunity for me.”
“Testimonials/other’s experiences at beginning of session was useful in hearing other’s benefits.”
“Welcoming practitioners.  Extremely helpful and available to answer questions.”
“As always, the team of Megan, Maiyah, and Daniel work wonders.  I wait in anticipation for the next session.  They have become a regular routine for me.”
“Very soothing; great acupuncturists”
“Very effective, staff are very kind, caring and positive and have calm disposition”
“Once again, it was a bit of peacefulness in the midst of a hectic life.  Everyone needs to try one of these sessions.”
“thank you for your generous service to our community.”
“I am currently injured and in extreme pain most of the day and I awake most of the night due to pain.  It was beyond wonderful how great it was to relax despite my injury.”
“great practitioners; I recommend it to everyone I know; completely relaxed!; this was very relaxing”
“The treatment brings a sense of calmness to my busy life.  I look forward to coming back.”
“Great Volunteers!”
“the treatment was great, I felt relief right after they took the needles [out].  I was relax[ed].”
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