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Adaptive clothing for servicemembers--free through Blue Star Mothers
                      "Sew Much Comfort" program
What is the Training/Education Level of Your Acupuncturist?
Research: The Use of CAM Therapy Among Soldiers, Retirees
NPR 5 minute story: Acupuncture in Army Medicine
Video: Acupuncture in Military--Kandahar
What is the Training/Education Level of your Acupuncturist?
Acupuncturists in the Medical Reserve Corps (acupuncture for diaster relief)
OASIS (Overcoming Adversity and Stress Injury Support)
FOCUS (Families Over-Coming Under Stress)
The Affordable Health Care Act--Acupuncture lowers the overall cost of healthcare and
dependence on opiods, some studies cited. Put in your two cents to the
Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Blog posts on Combat Stress
Blog posts on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Blog posts on Pain Management
      --ongoing research at Naval Medical Center San Diego
Other Blog posts
What is Operation Warfighter (OWF)?  --reintegration to civilian life
Legislation to watch--new labor regulations allowing Military Spouses to take more time away from work to care for their Wounded Warrior
More weblink Resources:
Online free Counseling with TriWest
Military Special Needs Network (a non-profit)
Virginia Wounded Warrior Program
Acupuncture Articles as related to Veteran Clinics and Disaster Relief work
Preparing your Family for Deployment
Links for IAs and GSAs
More Resources
Online Free Counseling for Warriors with TriWest
Easy to do from your home computer.
Military OneSource 1-800-342-9647
Also has free counseling for military and their family members.  Your geographic location does not matter for this counseling. .  Go to their website for international dialing options.
Military Special Needs Network
a non-profit that works with Exceptional Family Member Program
more info on their website:
Virginia's Wounded Warrior Program:
Related Acupuncture Articles:
Reset Program Helps Soldiers Come Home, a program out of Fort Hood and Fort Bliss.
Articles on Disaster Relief work by Acupuncturists without Borders (this same protocol is used in the Stress Relief Acupuncture clinics)
AWB Response to the Chile Earthquake, article from August 2010.
Acupuncture in the Global Village, article from July 2010.
Preparing your Family for a deployment?
1.  Check out Jacey Eckhart's These Boots from Military OneSource or this article from USAA. 
2.  Jacey Eckhart's column appears regularly on:
or at Cinchouse at, "Mandatory Fun with Jacey Eckhart".
3.  Read these useful articles
   7 Ways to beat Stress from militaryonesource
   Deployment article from USAA, published in fall 2009.
4. Talk to your Ombudsman and connect with your command's FRG (Family Readiness Group)
5.  Check out classes at your Fleet and Family Support Center (Navy) such as:
    Deployment Readiness for Couples
    Deployment Readiness for Singles
    Deployment Readiness for Parents (for parents with kids age 4-17)
Fleet and Family Support Centers: 1-800-FSC-LINE
Links for IAs and GSAs and their families
Veterans Crisis Line, a guide to resources
Military Special Needs Network--for active duty families who have special needs dependents.  This includes special medical needs from chronic migraines to late stage cancer diagnosis, to inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis, to vision or hearing loss/disabilities.  This also includes children with special education needs from hyperactivity and/or ADD to Autism spectrum disorders.  This is often related to the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP); this program varies by military branch.
Returning from Deployment?  Family Member of a Vet? 
Wanting to Work with Vets as a Care Provider?
I recommend these books by Hearts Toward Home International.  They are easy-to-follow reading and the most useful returning-from-deployment books I have come across so far.
Please see their website for where to find and order the books.
Down Range:  to Iraq and Back
Once a Warrior:  Wired for Life
Acupuncturists Without Borders
Military Stress Recover Project Clinics
The latest newsletter from Acupuncturists without Borders and updates on Disaster Relief from year 2011.
Links to Energywork for Military Families
My colleague, Maiyah Olivas, is a talented energy therapies facilitator.  In the Stress-Relief Clinic created in 2008 in Hampton Roads, Virginia, she was a key volunteer and assistant manager.  She lead the guided meditation at the beginning of each clinic.  Please see the related testimonials page for the stress-relief clinics.  Related to this work, she created a special series of healing energy downloads for military families. There are several kinds of healing energy programs to choose from. It is convenient and can be done just from your computer. Not neccesary to attend a class or conference.
For this information, check out her Military Maintenance Page.
Links to More Resources
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