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Megan was introduced to and trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine at a time when many guardsmen of her home state (Minnesota) were being called to serve in the Iraq war (2003+), including her own family members.  She realized some of the simplest forms of the medicine could be taught to medics and corpsmen and supplies easily carried in a very small pack to treat those on the front lines of war suffering from various forms of combat stress.  Early treatment of symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, pain, running thoughts, can help break a pattern or cycle of stress symptoms before they become a problem and before they become chronic.  Since then, she has been creating classes to be taught to corpsmen, medics, and any other deploying medical personnel.  Please see the related information on the Acutack© Courses.
 Acu-tack© classes taught to any deploying medical personnel.
These courses are ideal for Independent Duty Corpsmen (IDC), Combat Medics, or any medical personnel deployed with troops who would like a simple way to treat pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia without the use of opioids.  This is very useful for those working in Disaster Relief situations.  Be aware that when and how you can use techniques in this class depend on your licensing and scope of practice.  For some fields, you may be recommended to take these courses while your use of this medicine in the field is pending approval by your commander or upper management.  It may be useful for all SOCs to learn this as part of their ongoing field medicine.
If you are interested in attending an Acu-tack course, please email: with "acutack course" in the subject heading. 
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