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Trouble Sleeping?
Acupuncture is a way to enhance health by complementing ongoing conventional medical care. Practiced for thousands of years, acupuncture successfully addresses chronic ailments and manages pain.
When you are out of balance, acupuncture reminds your body of what balance feels like (while the needles are in). Reminded of balance, your body seeks to maintain that balance. Like breaking a bad habit, it can take several treatments to break the habit of imbalance (stress/pain/insomnia/anger/frustration) and may take occasional "tune-ups". Everyone's body and level of balance varies individually.
Acupuncture is a drug-free and time-tested alternative for treating:
  • Post-combat stress
  • Post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • Pain (acute and chronic)
  • Depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger/frustration
  • Insomnia, stress, running thoughts
  • Building Resiliency
  • And many more physical, emotional, and neurological issues
De-Stress Vets offers:
1. Stress-Relief Acupuncture Clinics for Veteran and Military Family Groups (includes guided meditation and stress-relief acupuncture session)
2. Acu-tack© classes taught to any deploying medical personnel.
3.  Local talks to Veteran and Military Family Groups.
Stress-Relief Acupuncture Clinics.  Acu-tack© classes.  Disaster Relief Clinics.
What is a "military family group"?
Spouses of a deployed command, wounded warrior battalion, family members (brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, children, and care providers of a military member or veteran).
What is a military member?
We take this to mean:  all branches of military personnel, reservists, national guard, and Coast Guard.  If you are unsure if this applies to your situation, please email us.
We also treat DoD personnel and other personnel deployed with the military.
What is Stress-Relief Acupuncture?
While all forms of acupuncture treatment relieve stress in some way, Stress-Relief Acupuncture referred to here is also called "five needle protocol" and is similar to the NADA protocol (see below).  This protocol is 5 special points in each ear.  These points are needled bilaterally in each person (each ear gets needles) for a total of 10 needles per person per treatment. (*1)  This is a very powerful protocol that brings the body from "fight or flight" mode to "rest and digest" mode while the needles are in.  It helps the body remember what it is like to be in "rest and digest" mode.  This protocol has been very effective in Disaster Relief clinics (see the work by Acupuncturists without Borders) and is being used in Military Stress Recovery Project Clinics.  It aids in recovery from shock.  Some people experience pain relief and better sleep as side effects of the treatment (see Testimonials page).  Remember, the main purpose of the Stress-Relief Acupuncture treatment is to remind the body how to be in the "rest and digest" mode (aka parasympathetic state).  It reminds the body and mind how to come out of the "fight or flight" (sympathetic) mode.  The parasympathetic state is essential to quality sleep.  Quality sleep leads to better memory and overall body function and strength.  Quality sleep is essential to resilience.
*1:  Accomodations are made for those who have an injured ear or are wearing hearing devices that obstruct the auricle, as appropriate.
Acupuncture Style:
Community-style Acupuncture clinics, using the auricular acupuncture (needles in the ears), similar to the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol.  For more info see  The clinic model comes from the Acupuncturists without Borders Military Stress Recovery Project (MSRP) ( or  See our Testimonials page.
Video:  Healing Trauma Locally and Globally with Acupuncture
What is Acupuncturists without Borders?  How did it start?  What is a the Military Stress Recovery Project Clinic?  Check out this YouTube video, "Healing Trauma at a Personal and Global Level through Community Acupuncture" with the AWB director, Diana Fried, for a short overview: 
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For information on downloadable energywork for military families, please see "Links to Energywork for Military Families" on our Resources page.
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